Clayhouse Productions
Best Yorkshire Short Best Drama Best Drama
Hull International Film Festival 2010 Scottish Mental Health Film Festival 2010 Tongues On Fire 2008
Clayhouse is an award-winning production company specialising in:
Working with social organisations, such as charities, councils and NGOs, to produce films that deliver a strong message about people.
Working as a Creative Partner teaching film-making.
Producing Event Films such as sports events or private functions.
Here is a selection of our short films:
Uncle David
The Bedlamites
Ilkley Cyclocross
Birthday Party
Our latest film in production: The Man Village
Stills from the film Funding
Reviews for The Bedlamites:
"... this is more than just a fell running documentary, it is a love note to the countryside, to communities and to the mysterious forces of endurance."

Charlie Phillips - Marketplace Director, Sheffield Docfest

"The Bedlamites, like all great art, makes time stand still...a masterpiece in miniature."

Graham Breeze - President, Fell Runners Association

"The Bedlamites is a great movie..."

Eduardo de la Serna - Director

"An excellent, and almost spiritual piece of cinematography."

Mud, Sweat & Tears